Would Dental Implants be for me?

Dental Implants in Bromley could be a good fit for patients who are missing a tooth, several teeth or indeed all of their teeth. A missing tooth can be a great cause of discomfort both mentally and physically. Having a missing tooth could cause a patient to feel that something is missing in their smile and so want to hide it when they are laughing or posing for a photograph. A missing tooth can also cause major issues physically as the other teeth in the mouth can begin to shift into the gap created by the missing teeth. The structure of the mouth can also be compromised as the mouth can begin to collapse in on itself without the anchors of certain teeth. Patients who have missing teeth and are considering this treatment should read on to the next couple of sections in this article to discover how the implants are fitted along with how the implants could benefit them.

How are the implants fitted?

Dental Implants in Bromley are fitted in a specific manner in order to have the maximum effect on the smile and helps the smile to be reconstructed in a safe and efficient way. Implants are small metal screws that are carefully placed at the jaw. Once these screws have been put in place and given time to heal crowns, bridges and dentures are fixed onto them to appear like replacement teeth. This makes the smile look whole and natural looking again. The implants will allow patients to be able to bite and chew with confidence. Patients can be assured that they are in the best hands possible when they opt in for this treatment. All staff are friendly and welcoming. The latest technology is utilized to ensure that patients get the best support possible. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be for them then they should read onto the next section to see what benefits come as a result of this treatment.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

There are many different benefits that patients could benefit from if they decide that this treatment is the one for them. This treatment can help to prevent bone loss as the structure of the mouth is not compromised, this also prevents issues such as a change in the shape of the face. The crown, denture and bridge matches the teeth to allow the smile to look as natural as possible. The integrity of the mouth is restored, which can allow the patient to use their smile and mouth with confidence again. Having all the teeth present and correct allows natural speech to be maintained. The new tooth that is implemented cannot get cavities, so patients can be assured that their smile will remain healthy. The new tooth is easy to care for, just like a natural tooth. If a patient thinks that they could benefit from this treatment then they should consider getting in contact with the Bromley Dental Practice to discover what the next steps should be in their journey in reconstructing their smile. Everyone should have a smile that they are proud of and this treatment can help patients achieve this goal.

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