Why go to a skin clinic?

Many people, both young and old, understandably place a great value on their physical appearance, as it helps to give them confidence in their daily lives. Yet despite many people’s best efforts to keep their face, body and skin looking fresh and well-toned, there is often only so much that can be done alone to resist the effects of the passage of time. However, by visiting a skin clinic in London, you can consult skilled practitioners about a wide variety of different procedures and treatments that can help you to achieve the appearance that you desire.

Micro needling

As mentioned, there are many different treatments that a skin clinic can offer, one of which being micro needling. Micro needling is a treatment which encourages our skin to produce collagen, thus making it appear brighter and more healthy. Micro needling does this by using small needles on the skin, and it is a useful treatment for reducing the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

Micro needling is often paired with other, similar treatments such as Genuine Dermaroller™ therapy and INTRAcel™ treatment. Genuine Dermaroller™ therapy is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique. It specifically targets skin that has been scarred or with large pores in encouraging it to repair and regenerate itself naturally and safely. This means that the results of the treatment, such as smoother skin, last for longer. INTRAcel™ treatment has often been referred to as the ‘ultimate skin rejuvenator’. It also uses micro needling to plump up the skin and combines this with radio frequency treatment. Whilst the micro needling promotes the development of natural collagen in the skin, the radio frequency treatment helps to reduce the skin’s production of sebum at the same time, allowing skin to become tighter.

Muscle toning and EMSculpt

Another treatment that some skin clinics can offer is EMSculpt. EMSculpt can be used on your calves, biceps, triceps, abdomen and buttocks in order to both build muscle and burn fat. The EMSculpt is a device that can be used to generate a unique electromagnetic field, which has enough intensity to penetrate through skin and impact both muscles and fat. The energy of this electromagnetic field induces what is known as ‘supramaximal conditions’. These conditions cause the muscle to remodel itself, resulting in a muscular build-up and the potential for a more sculpted body.

EMSculpt can also be used for sculpting the abs. This usage of EMSculpt is particularly useful for targeting certain parts of the abs where weight simply will not shift or be converted into muscle, despite the best efforts of a good diet and exercise. By using EMSculpt on your abs, your core will become stronger and your belly fat should be noticeably reduced. In fact, the results of the reduction in fat and the build up in muscle should be noticeable soon after your initial treatment, most likely some time between 2 and 4 weeks. This initial treatment is also quite short, with most only lasting around 30 minutes. However, after this session, your practitioner will organise an additional 4 follow-up sessions (at least) scheduled 2-3 days apart. This will allow both you and your practitioner to work on the personal goals that you have and that EMSculpt can help you to achieve.

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