What Is a Keto Diet?

Simply put, a keto diet or a ketogenic diet contains low carbohydrates and is high in fat. But don’t let the fat scare you, as this type of diet has been shown to offer plenty of health benefits such as helping you lose weight and managing Alzheimer’s, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

The basis of a ketogenic diet involves lowering your body’s intake of carbohydrates while increasing your fat consumption. The low carbs bring your body into a state of ketosis. As your body searches for an alternative source of energy it becomes highly efficient at breaking down and burning fat.

What’s more, the fat is broken down in the liver into ketones which provide much-needed energy for the brain. Due to the ability of the body in reducing the blood insulin and sugar levels, you can enjoy many health benefits.

The different keto diets

The ketogenic diet can be classified into several types.

First off is the standard keto diet. It contains 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fat. Then there is the cyclical ketogenic diet that involves that you take 5 days on the keto diet and then 2 days on a high carb diet.

Targeted keto diets is where you add more carbs based on your daily activities such as when you are working out.

Last is the high protein keto diet. It contains 5% carbs, 35% protein and 60% fats.

Among the different types of ketogenic diets, the standard diet is by far the most popular.

Losing weight

One of the main benefits of a ketogenic diet is helping you lose weight. In fact, coupled with some amazing health benefits, the keto diet is far superior to the low-fat diet of losing weight. One of the ways you can lose weight with the keto diet is due to the fact that you feel full and thus consume less food.

With the triglyceride and cholesterol levels reduced, people on a keto diet can lose weight 2.2 times faster than the people on a low-fat diet.

The keto diet and diabetes

Diabetes is a result of impaired insulin absorption, high blood sugars, and inefficient metabolism. With the keto diet, you can lose more fat which is often a common feature with people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

There is research that proves that the keto diet helps improve insulin sensitivity.

Some more benefits of the keto diet

The keto diet helps reduce the risk factors that can cause heart disease such as HDL cholesterol, body fat, blood sugar and all while lowering blood pressure.

This diet has also shown that it is able to reduce tumor growth and is being explored in the treatment and management of cancer.

Keto diet also helps reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and slows down its progression. What’s more, it also slows down the effects of epilepsy and seizures in small children.

Due to its ability to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels, the keto diet can help reduce acne.

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