Thinking of getting straight teeth at home?

If the idea of straightening teeth in the comfort of one’s own home sounds too good to be true, then think again. Clear Braces Direct in London is a very real opportunity for those people who find themselves to be too busy or simply unwilling to undergo more complex and lengthy treatments at their local dental practice.

Straightening teeth doesn’t need to be cumbersome, time consuming or problematic. It can be as simple as popping in for a scan, reading through the documents that are received in the mail, agreeing to them and following the instructions that come with the packages of aligners that are conveniently delivered to their door every month.

In as little as just a few months, people can start to enjoy the difference a healthier and more attractive smile will have on their wellbeing and confidence. By finding out whether they are suitable for this style of treatment, patients can potentially embark on a life changing journey that they are able to enjoy in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

How does it work?

This treatment is divided up into three simple steps. The first is when the patient books an appointment with a local dental practice for a free Invisalign scan. There are practices dotted all across the country that will offer this service, allowing minimal disruption to be consistently on offer throughout the entire treatment.

During the free scan, patients can pick their dentist’s brain regarding the effectiveness of the treatment and raise any concerns that they might have so that they can feel as prepared as possible and sure that it is the right decision for them.

Unfortunately, this treatment is not right for everyone, but never fear, dentists will be able to offer alternative treatments to enable their patients to achieve that smile, regardless how it can be done.

However, if it is found that the Invisalign system is a viable option, patients can progress to the next stage of the treatment process, which is essentially waiting at home for the detailed analysis and results to come in the mail.

Step 2: Starting the smile journey

In the post, an information pack personally designed for the patient and their unique needs will be found and must be read through and agreed upon before the trays are then precisely made and delivered.

By following the instructions and wearing the aligners as directed, patients can start seeing results within a couple of months. There is even a monitoring app that keeps individuals on track, very important for those who are concerned they may fall off the wagon after a couple of months!

After the treatment is finished

It is important to retain the newly aligned smile with a retainer as teeth tend to move back to their original position quickly if not held in place long enough for the ligaments to relax into their new position.

Retention can also be monitored with the app, so people can make sure that their investment in time and money remains worthwhile and that they can enjoy that healthy smile for life.

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