The Narusawa Way

The Narusawa Way is what I like to call my method when it comes to losing weight, toning up and being your best self. When I first started in the personal training profession, I imagined life would be an endless slog of 10 clients a day, 12 hours days and a slow crawl to the top – maybe I’d own a gym eventually, but it was always going to be very hard work. Which I was fine with! I’ve never been shy  of hard work and my father’s love for martial arts had instilled a strong sense of responsibility in me.

It just so happened that that wasn’t the path that I was going to take. As social media became it’s whole own monster and I took the opportunity and ran with what was given to me on a plate. The market was just emerging when I entered it and there were plenty of gaps in the market for what we now called influencers.

I started by just posting lifestyle photos on Instagram of my daily meals, which then progressed to videos of my workouts. Then, as my physical client base grew, I started sharing their progress and motivating others to follow their example.

Before I knew it, I had millions of followers and people hanging on my every word! So, it was at this point where I took the main bulk of my work online in the form of my long distance training programs!

How the Programs Work

When you sign up to The Narusawa Way, you’ll get one to one tuition from yours truly. All you have to do is get in touch with me to discuss your options and what sort of program would suit you best.

When you get in touch, we’ll discuss where you’re currently at with your progress (or lack thereof) and also where it is you would like to be. Then we’ll talk about your schedule and what sort of frequency you would be able to do the brunt of the grunt work (ie: exercise!) As well as getting your body moving, we need to assess what is going into your body – abs are made in the kitchen people!

Every program I deliver is 100% personally tailored to the individual. Everybody is different and every BODY is different, which is why every aspect  of a program is different for every person.

Be assured in the fact that I listen to your needs and will work WITH you to overcome any obstacles you may overcome.

Your Goals

In an ideal world, you’ll know exactly what it is you want out of your program, but more often than not, people come to me just wanting to feel better about themselves. Which is totally fine! I know that looking good begins with feeling good and I’m here to help you attach [hysical goals to that.

Starting with a goal allows you to have milestones to focus on and when you look back on how far you’ve come, it will all be worth it.

Taking the First Step

So the next thing you have to do once you’ve read all my ramblings is to get in touch with me to discuss your needs!

Bespoke plans are the name of the game so this comes with bespoke pricing. I make my plans as affordable as possible and can always work with any budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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