The importance of online marketing and a good patient attraction system

The importance of being online

The last few decades have seen marketing move almost completely online and dental marketing is no exception. Everyone understands the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis and there are multiple dental practices available in every town, village, and High Street. Nearly all dental practices have a working website, and it is common knowledge that people sit at home and use Google to find exactly what they are looking for, and this is the case for dental needs and enquiries as well. An eye-catching and interesting website is vital to ensure that people are aware of the presence and whereabouts of the dental practice and a strong online presence is necessary to continue attracting new patients through the door as well as keeping hold of regular, loyal patients and enticing them with further treatments and procedures, which will not only help look after their oral health but will also help improve the aesthetics of their teeth.

Speak to an experienced dental marketing team

With advances in technology, the technicalities of dental marketing and a good patient attraction system is complicated, extensive, and ever-changing. A beautifully created website will be useless unless it pops out on the screen when the reader is searching for their dental needs in the locality. To do this it is necessary to consult an award-winning dental marketing team, who will use their knowledge and expertise to not only create a bespoke, fantastic website but also to maintain the technicalities of bringing the website to the attention of the reader. By holding their attention long enough, they can find out about the treatments and procedures offered at the practice, and to eventually bring them in, as a patient, through the door.

A bespoke website created by an experienced dental marketing

A good patient attraction system begins with the creation of a fantastic website. An attractive and eye-catching website will be created which addresses the 7PS of dental marketing. This includes the Profile of the dental practice, the amazing People on the team, the beautiful Premises of the practice, the competitive Prices of the treatments and procedures, the important Promises and Proof of great customer service and good dental care, along with any Products which the practice may provide, which is unavailable at other practices, will all be showcased on the website, alongside reviews and testimonials to help reassure the patients that this is the best place for their dental needs.

Maintaining a strong online presence

Once this website is developed, the key information will be used to create an amazing home page which will draw the reader in and encourage them to find out more about what is available at the practice. This home page will be easy to load using compressed images and other techniques to ensure that the reader encounters no delays which may tempt them to move away, and any USPS will be showcased to help the practice stand out from the crowd. Google search engine optimisation will be carried out and maintained for the website by the dental marketing team to make sure that whenever a reader is searching for their dental needs in the locality, the website will be on the first page of any Google Search results.

Speak to the specialist dental marketing team today to find out more about how a good patient attraction system will help increase the success of your dental practice.

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