The Best Workout for Runners

For runners, the goal is to not only get fitter but to have more endurance, power, and stamina. For most people, however, running involves putting on a pair of sports shoes and jogging a few blocks every day. it’s no wonder that they don’t reach their fitness goals.

To help you run at your optimum and gain maximum benefits, you need to incorporate a few workouts in your training regimen. Before you perform these workouts, start with a warm up to get your muscles ready, to improve blood flow and prevent the risk of injuries.

Also, after you finish your workout, make sure to jog for five more minutes to help get rid of the excess lactic acid in your muscles and then stretch whether the muscles are warm. This will prevent them from knotting up.

Wearing the right shoes is an obvious point, but Get Bra Advice argue that the right sports bra is just as important for avoiding injuries. You need to make sure that you’re wearing a sports bra of the right intensity to prevent damage to your Cooper’s ligaments.

  1.    Hill workout

Find an inclined place and get ready to perform explosive sprints up the hill. The reason why this is such an effective exercise for running is that due to its difficulty, it helps you to develop plenty of power.

When running up a hill, remember to use your hands to pump energy to your body. If you can’t move your hands, you are likely to lose energy and pace.

Beginners will need to start with a less steep ground.

Run up at maximum speed up the incline, and come back down gradually. Perform 3 to 5 sets and take rests in between the sets.

  1.    Interval training

The main function of an interval workout is to help you build up your stamina for running. Keep in mind that this will not require you to exert yourself but rather to maintain a certain pace throughout your workout.

A type of interval workout is known as ladders. Here you will run for 50 meters and then walk for another 50 meters. Then switch it up to running 100 meters and then slow down and walk for 50 meters.

Run again for 150 meters and walk for 50 meters. Switch it up again and run for 200 meters then rest for 50 meters.

Lastly, run for 250 meters and then rest for 50 meters. Remember to try and maintain the same pace when running.

The exercise above is for the beginner runner. If you are much more experienced in running, then you can perform the ladder reverse after reaching the 250-meter mark.

  1.    Long and short sprints

Long sprints are intended to help you build up your speed endurance which means that you can maintain a high speed for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, short sprints are for building muscle on your lower body as well as speed. Which of the two is ideal for you will depend on your end goals.

To perform long sprints, run at full speed for 300 meters and then take a one-minute rest. Perform this exercise 2 more times to make a single set of 3.

As for the short sprints, perform 5 to 8 sprints of 100 meters while taking a few minutes between rests. Note that you should not perform this workout after doing the hill workout the previous day.

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