The Best Motivational Instagram Gym Accounts

If you are on Instagram, going through fitness accounts can provide you with all the motivation you need to join the gym. Social media has now made it simpler than ever to share gym and workout experiences and those just beginning can follow in the steps of more experienced trainers.

Showing you how to perform that routine or that workout is just one of the many benefits. Another is that during days when you are simply lacking drive to lift those weights, you can get the motivation you need by following successful Instagram gym accounts.

Let’s consider some of the best motivational gym accounts on Instagram.

Dwayne “the rock” Johnson

The rock is well known for his huge size, bulging muscles and crazy intense workouts. What more, this guy knows how to keep you motivated. If you need a kick to get you going to the gym today, check out his Instagram account.

The rock is one of the fitness heroes of our modern times.

Ebenezer Samuel

Ebenezer Samuel is men’s health magazine fitness director so you know he is worth checking out. Not to mention he posts his top tier training workouts each week on Instagram.

Don Saladino

Saladino is based in new York and is a personal trainer to some of the best super hero actors of our time. Think Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan, Black Lively and others. He is the guy behind their amazing physiques.

Emily Skye

Among the most popular fitness moms on Instagram is Emily Skye, an Australian model and trainer. She will show you how to remain determined and foster a positive attitude and keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Eric Leija

If you are the type who prefers the more modern types of workouts that includes clubs, dumbbells and more, then Eric Leija, also known as primal.swoldier is your guy. Get ready to learn something new and see your body transform in new ways you would not have thought possible.

Bobby Maximus

Former UFC fighter and policeman is Bobby maximum who now is a writer for men’s health. That alone tells you he is worth checking out on Instagram. Leave your excuses behind as Bobby’s training requires focus and determination.

When you are having days that you simply don’t want to go to the gym, Bobby will keep you sharp especially when you learn that he does this every day.

Hannah Eden

Hannah Eden runs PumpFit Club in Florida, and Instagram simply loves her with her full body workouts that are so intense that you are going to be in a sweaty mess by the time you are done. Still, you will feel revitalized and ready for the next day.

Thor Bjornsson

If you are a fan of game of thrones, then you will recognize this guy. Thor Bjornsson plays “the mountain” and he is in every sense befitting of the name. Thor can deadlift up to 1000 pounds and while getting to his size may be unlikely for most, seeing him will definitely provide you with some serious motivation.

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