The beauty of a healthy smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a way for dentists to be able to perfect their patient’s smiles in numerous ways. It involves the whitening, straightening and overall beautification of a smile, allowing a patient to feel more comfortable and confident with what they have.

The right kind of dentist is able to create a perfect balance of natural beauty so that an individual’s smile suits them, whilst looking and feeling stronger and healthier. One of the ways that dentists are able to do this is with Invisalign Harley Street.

Many people come into the practice looking for a cosmetic treatment that starts with teeth straightening. One of the more obvious aesthetic issues are that teeth are either too tightly cramped together, are crossing over or that they have gaps and are generally crooked. Although common, modern dentistry enables dentists to quickly alter a smile and allow for a healthier looking one to emerge.

People, unfortunately, tend to judge one another on the appearance of their smile, with the position of one’s teeth being a relatively obvious flaw. By using a discrete and convenient teeth straightening device, patients are able to rectify this concern without it being obvious that they are doing so.

How is this possible?

Braces are often thought of as fixed devices that are attached to the visible side of the teeth. These kinds of braces work by pulling teeth into their correct position over time by the tightening of wires, which are attached to brackets that are glued to teeth.

New devices have been created, however, which work in a different way. One such treatment is a removable, clear aligner that is placed over the teeth like a snug fitting tray. These trays gently push teeth into their correct alignment over a series of months.

Trays are digitally designed to incrementally move teeth by being in a slightly straighter position than the teeth are at that time in the treatment themselves. A patient will then change to another tray after a few weeks. This continues for a predetermined length of time until a patient’s teeth have been moved into their correct position.

After the treatment is finished, it is imperative that a patient wears a retainer, usually overnight, to hold the teeth in this newly aligned position to allow for ligament to relax. If this does not happen, then one’s investment in time and money may go to waste as teeth naturally attempt to snap back to their old position if not held in place somehow.

Why is this treatment so popular?

The convenience of this treatment goes beyond the ability to remove them for eating. Because a patient is not reliant on their dentist to move their wires, there is less of a significance in visiting their dental practice every few weeks for an adjustment.

This can be a huge relief for working professionals who are unable to dedicate large amounts of their time to their teeth straightening journey, however eager they are to have a straightened smile.

Rather, appointments are made at the convenience of the patient to see their dentist who monitors progress and is available to discuss any concerns that their patient may have.

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