Sheila the Trainer


Welcome to my blog! My name is Sheila and I’m a certified personal trainer. I’ve started this blog to share my knowledge of all that I’ve learned over the past 12 years in the fitness industry.

Whether you’re looking for beginner’s tips, information on how to take it to the next leverl or expert advice on diet and nutrition, my blog should be able to help you on any of these topics.

Let’s get started!

My name is Shiela Narusawa, I am from the USA – born and bred! My parents moved to Miami in the 80s from Japan and began building a life here.

My father is a Tae Kwon Do master and has been practicing the art since he was seven years old, winning many competitions and, upon moving to the states, became the go to guy as a consultant on movies that involved fighting scenes and themes.

It was a great upbringing, mixing with stars and flying to movie sets to be with my father. It was really exciting and really helped solidify my passion for movement and fitness for a greater purpose.

My mother was always very supportive of both me and my father. She was mainly a stay at home mum, but she worked HARD at keeping a home. Our home was always beautiful, our clothes were always clean and our food was always the best in the neighborhood!

When I was 18, I began my career in the fitness industry. I was done with school and knew that college was not the way for me to go. After training myself for six years and having many personal trainers over the years, I knew a thing or two about fitness ad the human body and it was a natural next step for me to turn my passion into a career.

My Career

So, I flew through my qualifications while working on the front desk at my local gym. I began taking clients as soon as I could and built my reputation there. I soon took my business online, offering personalised workout plans and diets to people remotely. This proved hugely popular and successful as I grew the business over time and now my main client base is online and I have very few, very select clients on the ground.

After the success of this business, it was suggested by my lovely followers that I create a blog to build a community around the people that I help and the methods that I use – so that’s what I’ve done!

The Blog

And so, was created and that’s how we got to where we are today.

On the blog you’ll find plenty of inspiration for workouts, meals, motivation, gym clothes and tools that you’ll need to be a fitness superstar!

So, whether you’re looking for your next healthy meal inspiration, a new routine or any other advice about your fitness, health and wellbeing and how to get you to the goals that you’ve always dreamed of.

The Community

The people who sign up to my programmes love to come together to support each other and encourage each other to reach their goals and push through any obstacles.

I’d really love those of you who are visiting my blog to become part of this community and join all my lovely followers! So get involved, we’d love to have you join us!

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