Reasons to Increase Your Protein Intake

Many people can’t seem to agree on the right quantity of fats and carbs that they should consume on a daily basis.  Some say more is better while others try to limit their intake of these two nutrients. However, when it comes to protein, there are few arguments as to its importance in the body.

In fact, there are studies that have shown that consuming a high protein diet can actually help in weight loss and offers other health benefits to the body. Here are a few reasons why you should include more protein in your diet.

  1.    Eating more protein can help you lose weight

It sounds ironic but two hormones come into play when you are eating more protein which affects your overall food intake.

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone and its quantity in the body is decreased when you consume more protein. On the other hand, the feeling full hormone known as peptide YY increases. Overall you feel full for longer which means that you will consume less food.

Over time you might notice your weight going down.

  1.    Gain more muscle

Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. If you have ever wondered why someone who goes to the gym is encouraged to eat more protein, this is why.

Protein allows our bodies to gain more muscle mass. What’s more, when your body in a catabolic state and you begin to lose weight, eating protein ensures you don’t lose muscle in the process.

  1.    Better bone health

There are people who are under the impression that consuming too much protein could cause loss of bone mass due to the higher acidity levels that causes the bones to lose calcium.

The truth is eating protein has shown that people maintain bone mass even in their later years. This is especially true for women who enter menopause as they are at a higher risk of osteoporosis.

  1.    Reduced late night cravings

What makes cravings so different from hunger is that with cravings, it is the brain that is searching for a reward other than your body actually needing the food.

In fact, cravings for food are pretty much the same as cravings for alcohol or cigarettes. They are difficult to manage but one simple way to deal with them is to ensure that they don’t occur in the first place.

Proteins make you feel full for longer and have been shown to reduce cravings by a significant margin.

  1.    Boosting metabolism

Even while it may be for a short while, consuming protein can help boost your metabolism. The body will still require energy to break down the proteins into its amino acids. This is known as TEF or thermic effect of food.

Different foods have different TEF with protein having the highest. In fact, by consuming more protein, your body could burn up to 100 extra calories.

There was a study done on the TEF of protein which showed that it is possible to burn over 260 more calories. This could be compared to an hour of moderate intensity workout.

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