My Fitness Journey

I have been working out since the last decade and seen just everything under the fitness sun. It is my honor to let you know about my findings in my journey from an ignorant bodybuilder to a certified coach.

Stop comparing

The one thing I am totally against in fitness in comparison. Before I even started working out and after a few days in the gym I could not resist but compare myself with those lean and buffed guys walking around like Greek Gods.

In the first week, I was more focused on those chiseled bodies rather than my own workout.  I remember that for the first two months my growth was negligible, and my self-confidence had swept down the gutter. I was not even able to hope for a good physique looking at those models.

But I was lucky enough to meet a former bodybuilder who could sense my insecurities.  He came up to me and bashed every self-questioning thought I had. He promised that comparison was the one obstacle that prevents the best athletes to gain success.

The day changed my whole attitude towards becoming fit and the only person I was competing with was me.  Thus, judging yourself based on someone else’s fitness is nothing but a bad joke.

It’s not black or white

I always believed that grey areas were a concept created by people who were indecisive.  I was going all into my physical transformation which eventually pushed me to extremes. My family and friends called me a maniac who had become self-obsessed and mean.

I must admit that fitness had made me a person who was only thinking about calories and workout.  There was a time when I forgot about moderations and was doing excessive weight training backed by intensive cardio sessions.  The thirst for a better body was overpowering my will and my social life had crashed down.

With time I realized that fitness is not achieved but is felt and maintained.  I stopped going behind numbers and gave my body the rest it needed. I learned that eating cheat meals will not kill me but rather was good for the gut bacteria.

It is my humble request that you stop over prioritizing workouts and live a life full of enjoyment.  Keep up with your fitness regime but do not forget that we only live once.

Step out of the comfort zone

Fitness cannot be achieved in your comfort zone no matter who you are and what you do.  It is clear that with time our body gets used to even the most physically enduring stuff we perform.  The statement makes it clear that even the world’s top athletes have to challenge themselves to maintain their fitness levels.

I do not have to talk about people who are sitting in front of a computer completing projects without moving a limb.  These people have to go through a lot in order to become fit and even an hour-long walk will make a difference.

My message goes to those people who are a beginner or intermediate gym goers.  You must keep on changing your workout schedules and their intensities. The change will not let your body get comfortable and tissues will keep on re-inventing themselves giving you a better physique.

Keep patience

The most critical aspect of fitness is patience which is also the reason most people quit training.  Majority of people start a physical endurance programme to get in a particular shape. They believe in those 5 minute 30-day abs workouts, which usually lead to nothing.  This makes them feel ditched and unsatisfied breaking their will to become fit.

Even I was interested in getting quick results even though I knew it was not possible. Throughout the years of training and coaching, I have come through people who spend any amount to get back in shape but are never willing to give in time.

I advise you to make long term goals without losing your composure.  If you are not ready to give in time, there is no need to waste your hard-earned money.

These were my top experiences from working out since a decade.  I am curious to know about your struggle and the wisdom you gained in your fitness journey.

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