My Favorite Workout

After going through many physically enduring workout techniques, I can conclude that CrossFit is the best overall training method. Not only does it make you athletic and furiously agile but also imparts strongman level strength without lifting mindlessly and eating above your limits.

For your convenience, I will be telling about the things one must know before opting for CrossFit.

It will confuse you

To start with, you should know that majority of gyms conduct on-ramp classes before you are enrolled in the regular ones.  As far as I am concerned it was a totally different experience which gym rats are not used to.

For the most part, I was unable to understand at least one aspect of exercises.  I was confused between power snatch and hang snatch; a hanged power snatch is not a regular snatch and so on. For me doing the jerk-free pull-ups was also baffling as it was nothing like what I was taught about.

The basic analogy of varying functional movements at a very high intensity was enough for me to shut down my mind and follow the instructions without questioning.  I was making so many moves which on one side entertained me but also puzzled me again and again.

Have a good coach

The dynamics of CrossFit are so many that only a few experts know about them. Make sure that you are joining a gym which has a great trainer who can make you perform without getting injured.  The coach is essential as you will be doing different workouts every day. When not done properly these exercises have the potential to damage your muscles and even cause a serious accident.

Do not get swept away by looking at experienced crossfitters as they often do extra stuff not needed by you. Get in touch with the coach to understand the mechanisms of every movement to get the best results.

Rest days are vital

You must understand that getting stronger is a long process and it needs rest just as it needs lots of hard work.  Due to the high intensity involved in ever cross fit workout, your muscle fibers tear a lot. It needs time to repair itself for becoming stronger.

Initially, I went five to six days to the workout due to my habit that developed in a traditional gym. Again, all the new stuff was so interesting that waiting at home did seem like a good idea. But eventually, I realized that CrossFit training is much different in the way it puts pressure on the body. Although the workouts are only an hour long, yet they are more strenuous than a typical gym session.

It’s better to CrossFit at a max of four times a week which enables our body to fully recover and become more agile and stronger. I wish that I had not wasted the first few months overtraining, but that’s how I understood the importance of rest.

Your sweat is not an indication of your hard work

While performing CrossFit, you will come across days when even after a heavy workout you don’t break a sweat. It’s completely normal as the workouts are designed to work every part of your body and some days are deliberately lighter. However, that does not mean that you are not working hard enough. We must realize that with time our body gets used to such high-intensity compound movements and takes longer to heat up. Thus, we might not sweat on certain days and its nothing to worry about.

I admit that in the beginning, I used to track my performance through my heartbeat and the sweat I produced. It seemed like I had to be drenched in sweat to count success. But my coach made me understand that some days we only work on correcting movements for heavier lifts.  I had to master barbell movements before training heavy as technique is an important aspect of CrossFit.

If you are coming from a more cardio based workout, then you will often not sweat but will have a hard time lifting heavy to get stronger.

Hence, CrossFit is more like a lifestyle and demands one hundred percent dedication. Remember, skipping training is not an excuse as your classmates will never wait for you.

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