Invisalign: the technology making people smile

It is said that a great smile can win over even the most cynical of people. Invisalign in St. Johns Wood can help turn a patient’s crooked grin into a winning smile they can feel confident about, without the extended period of treatment that traditional braces involves or the discomfort of having metal tracks glued to one’s teeth.

This technology – which was invented in the ’90s when colourful elastics on braces were at the height of middle school fashion – has been embraced as a preferred orthodontic treatment today by both teens and adults alike. Making it the top choice for tooth alignment that is just about completely invisible.

The psychology of a straight smile

Many studies have been conducted on the psychology of smiling; which muscles are used when one has a genuine sense of enjoyment or love. Alternatively how a false friend may be detected through their false smile, but the interest in obtaining clear aligners in St. Johns Wood lies in society’s perception of having straight teeth.

First impressions are very important and the unconscious cues people perceive when analysing a person may start with the teeth. Studies have shown that people with straight teeth may be considered by others to be more successful, healthy and even more likely to find a partner sooner than people with crooked teeth who, conversely, may be perceived as having a lack of self-care and hygiene. Of course, by no means is this true, people with crooked teeth may well be very clean and hygienic but it doesn’t change the psychology behind this first impression.

Society is judgemental and there is no escaping it which is why so many individuals undertake treatments to improve their appearance but it is also the reason why they prefer to do it with discretion and without anyone knowing. Celebrities are often criticized in the media for ‘having work done’ and being teased for braces is something that the film industry perpetuated with movies about awkward teens having train tracks. So it is only natural that everyone else would want to avoid this kind of criticism and get their teeth straightened without anyone finding out.

What Invisalign can take care of

Moving a smile to a more aesthetic and even healthier position can be done with an invisible appliance that helps people get on with their lives without the hindrance and embarrassment of traditional braces. The clear aligners are designed as a custom fitting to one’s own teeth with 3D computer technology it can predict each movement of each tooth so that new aligners are created every 1-2 weeks as one’s teeth are adjusted.

Invisible aligners may fix, underbite, crossbite, open bite, deep bite, overly crowded teeth, or gapped teeth, and treatments usually take under a year to complete. Fixing any teeth issues one might have can help with overall oral health because straighter teeth stand less of a chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

The discreet treatments offer people a chance at a better first impression and that kind of confidence is worth investing in.

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