How Clear Braces Direct in London can benefit you as an adult

When it comes to making an appointment for braces a lot of patients may feel like they don’t need them or that they are something that’s only used for young patients and children. Whilst sometimes true, having a brace fitted as an adult can be beneficial as it can be used to aid with numerous other oral health issues.

Here are a few examples of how an appointment in London for an aligner of your own could be good for you in the long run.

Straighten out crooked teeth

One of the most common reasons for making an appointment for a brace is if you have any crooked or crowded looking teeth. Depending on their location, they can ruin an otherwise lovely smile and severely impact self-confidence. Plus, it becomes much easier to miss plaque, tartar and bacteria that may be hiding in misaligned teeth.

To counter this, a clear brace can be used to slowly realign them over a period of several months. Then at the end of the treatment, those once crooked portions should be in a much straighter and neater position to give you that confidence boost, as well as making them much easier to clean.

Reduce bite issues

When you bite, your jaw exerts the pressure of that across its entirety and in a normal mouth this force is equally distributed. However, if you have issues with your bite related to crooked teeth or an over or underbite, then that bite force doesn’t spread out evenly and so you can start to experience pain when you chew into something.

Patients may experience a general aching feeling in their jaw when they talk or eat, but correcting the bite through the use of a brace can help reduce these symptoms over time.

Aid in speech related issues

Although it may seem a little strange, having a brace as an adult can, over time, help to lessen the effects of particular types of speech impediment.

For example, if when you talk you find specific words or sentences difficult to sound out in your mouth, or if there’s a noticeable whistling noise whilst you speak, then there may be a dental related link that a brace can be used to help with.

Realigning certain teeth or parts of your bite may make it easier for your tongue and jaws to work around letters, words or sentences that you struggled with previously.

Ease symptoms of bruxism

For patients with bruxism, this is when you grind or scrape your teeth together in your sleep at night and if left alone it can cause flattening of the teeth, as well as cracks in the enamel. Having a clear brace in place can help reduce the damage, as it acts as a barrier between your upper and lower jaw.

These are just a few examples of how a clear brace can benefit you as an adult. If you would be interested in learning more about this particular treatment, or to schedule your own appointment for a brace, then just contact your local practice and have a chat with their team.

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