Getting a Winning Smile in Just 6 Months

You look at photographs of yourself, see the strained smile through lips that are clamped shut, and wince. You don’t like photographs; they make you have to see your crooked teeth and imperfect smile. You really wish friends wouldn’t tag you into pictures they took when you weren’t looking and really, you’re sort of at the stage where you wish cameras hadn’t been invented for every mobile phone user to just whip out at a moment’s notice – that’s just not nearly enough time for you to escape! If you’ve been feeling unhappy about the appearance of your misaligned teeth and would like to correct them, then you may be interested to learn that you can potentially do this in 6 months! Ordinary treatment can take a couple of years to complete, but with Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, you can aim to get the same results in a fraction of the time. What’s even more exciting is that your friends will barely even notice what you’re doing as they are nearly invisible. Maybe the mobile phone cameras could be saved from the chop after all?!

Sounds great. How does it work?

Known as Six Month Smiles, this invisible orthodontics treatment uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wire to straighten your teeth in around six months. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are discreet. Metal braces are often seen as being something teenagers wear and can be unattractive to adults who want to correct their teeth. This is why Six Month Smiles are ideal for adults who want to gain symmetry and alignment of their teeth.

Another major benefit of choosing this course of treatment is that due to the quicker treatment, it is also the most cost-effective method. Treatment tends to be around £2000 for a full mouth and dental practices normally offer payment plans to help you affordably spread the cost. It is also a gentler course of treatment than metal braces which can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. So, all in all, it’s a great option for an adult with a busy lifestyle who wants to gain a great smile by comfortably and discreetly wearing braces.

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