Finding Time to Exercise as a Parent

As a busy parent, you are always running after a toddler, taking care of that newborn who needs your constant attention, and driving to and from the store getting your baby supplies. Life can get hectic. With so much to do, it feels next to impossible to even find time to exercise.

However, as busy as you are, it’s important to include exercises as part of your routine and set some time every week for it. Otherwise, all that chasing and being around your kids all the time could cause you to burn out.

Exercise helps you release tension, puts you in a better mood, makes you more energized and improves circulation through your body. let’s consider a few tips to get the time to exercise as a parent.

Get a jog stroller

This is one great way to combine parenting with working out. By getting a jog stroller that has larger wheels, you can jog while the baby takes a nap. You both benefit as the baby is exposed to fresh air while you get your training.

Jog strollers are easier to push and offer less strain on muscles. However, it is recommended that you don’t over exert yourself and limit your jogging to about 45 minutes.

Get a workout partner

If you can find someone who is the same situation as you, is a parent who also wants to find time to work out, you can both motivate each other by working out together. An example would be to meet up after dropping kids to school or to both take your infants on jog strollers.

Exercise while playing

When your kids are playing in the back yard, join in the fun and kick that ball. Chase each other around in a game of tag or even get your own bike and ride with the kids.

Combining playtime with exercise is a great way to get in shape and the great thing is that it feels more like fun than a strenuous task.

Dancing with kids

Another great way to have fun and still exercise is to buy a dance game and call out the kids to the living room for a competition to see who’s the best. The kids will be having a great time and so will you all while burning off those extra calories. What’s more, you can make it a weekly thing.

Perform a HIT workout

A high-intensity workout will let you burn off the most calories with the least amount of time. sometimes as a busy parent, you will not have a lot of time to spend at the gym. This type of workout provides you with maximum results after about 20 or 30 minutes of working out.

Track yourself

After performing your workout, the only way to know if its proving results are to track yourself after a month. Don’t do it every other day though as results take time. Weighing yourself after a month or two and finding that you’ve lost those extra pounds can be a great motivator to push on.

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