Does Invisalign make your teeth yellow? 5 FAQs about these adult braces answered

Having misaligned teeth can be a pain; not only does it impact on your confidence, but it can also cause people to take you less seriously and overlook your opinions.

Indeed, studies have found that in a business setting, those who have straight teeth are more likely to be trusted than those with misaligned teeth and similarly, if your teeth are straighter, the more likely your boss is to listen to your ideas, however illogical this may seem.

So, if you are an adult who wants to get rid of a gap or correct a misaligned smile, you may be curious about the world of adult aligners and braces. And you may have read that the majority of adult aimed aligners are either invisible or clear, meaning that you can get the straighter smile you want without attracting unwanted stares from your colleagues or curious onlookers.

But you may also have heard some mistruths about braces like Invisalign Spa Dental Sydney CBD which has made you question the validity of these aligners. Here, the most commonly researched questions about this brand of invisible braces are answered.

Does it make your teeth yellow?

In a word, no.

Invisalign does not make your teeth yellow. As it is removable, it is easy to take it out when you are brushing your teeth and eating, so there should be no residual staining.

Also, as each aligner is worn for about 14 days at a time, it is unlikely that the plastic tray will stain, so your teeth should not have a yellow tint when you wear the brace.

Is it painful?

Invisalign from your dental practitioner should not cause excessive levels of discomfort.

Bear in mind that when it comes to orthodontic treatments, there is no such thing as a painless brace; moving your teeth is quite hard to do and will require some force. As invisible braces push your teeth as opposed to pulling them, the brace is considered more comfortable to wear.

Does it give you a lisp?

After you put the first tray in, there may be some initial issues with your speech. Your dental team will be able to advise you on tongue and facial exercises to perform to ensure that you adapt to the brace quickly, allowing your normal speech patterns to return.

How many aligners are there?

This will vary on the issue being treated with the brace; if you have a milder to moderate misalignment, there may be around 14 trays or aligners to wear throughout the treatment.

If your case is more complex, you can expect more aligners to wear, the exact number will be discussed at your initial consultation with your dentist.

How long will I wear it for?

Again, this will depend on the complexity of the issue being treated.

On average, an invisible brace is worn for about 6 months, but the treatment can be as short as 3. Talk to your dental team for a more accurate timeline for wearing invisible braces.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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