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Being an online fitness guru can be a real time consuming job! That’s where you guys come in!

If you’re a member of my tribe, you know that I love for people to get involved in the community. This blog is the epicentre of that community and I’d like to give everyone the chance to become a guest writer for my blog.

The programmes that I prescribe to my clients really educate to understand their bodies, cater their workouts and feed their body the right fuel. They’re designed in a way to ingrain these methods in their minds. Now, they don’t get an easy pass to being a personal trainer, but they can share their knowledge in their inner circles with confidence.

Many of my clients want to dip their toes into the world of fitness blogging ot see if it is something that they could tak eon themselves. I like to offer a platform for people to post a guest blog in the hopes of gaining a little experience before going all out and taking the plunge.

What You Can Blog About

There are no real limitations to what you can post about on my blog, as long as it fits into the theme of the blog – which is, of course, health and fitness!

That being said, make sure that what you write about is positive, upbeat and informative. If you’ve got an original idea and your topic will genuinely help the people that are reading this blog, then I’d really love to hear about your it.

Here are some topics that may inspire you for ideas that you can write about for my blog.

  • Fitness breakthroughs
  • Super foods
  • Gym equipment
  • Routines
  • Beginning a fitness regime
  • Fitness clothes
  • Diet ideas
  • Healthy eating
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Equipment

Still struggling for ideas? Just take what you know and mold it into a piece of work that is a joy for anyone interested in fitness to read.

What Your Piece Needs to Be

I don’t want to outline any hard and fast rules for your article as I believe setting too many rules hinders creativity. However, with that being said, the piece needs to be quality and of a substantial length. The more words, the more detailed the information – but don’t ramble, this makes it dull.

Submit An Article

Submitting an article on my blog is easy and I welcome both experienced and novice writers to pitch an article idea to me.

All you have to do is send me a message with your information and your idea for a story and I’ll give you the all clear (with some pointers!).

After that, just send me the article and I’ll publish as soon as I am able with full credit to you as the author!



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